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The Age in Place Coalition (AIPC) is dedicated to the education for the responsible use of home equity in retirement. Simply put, we provide homeowners, advisors and trusted resources with the facts about leveraging home equity for a better quality of life in retirement. The Age in Place Coalition is unbiased, yet understanding, of the real-life situation many Americans have found themselves in due to the changes in the economy and society over the past 50 years. 

Be proud of your home equity.

We understand that leveraging home equity to help fund quality of life in your golden years was never your first choice. You may have found yourself caught in the very real retirement squeeze that has occurred when corporations removed pensions in what seemed like virtually overnight, yet retirement solutions such as 401(k)s were not made mainstream. 


In the late 1960s, big companies in corporate America lobbied to shut down pensions and deemed them “too expensive.” At that time, nearly half of all employed people in the US had some sort of pension, however since the 60s, pensions have dwindled to less than 10% of private sector employees being offered a defined pension plan.  


The introduction of the defined-contribution plan as we know it only occurred forty-two years ago in 1978. The employer-sponsored 401(k) plan comes as a given nowadays in many full-time, salaried positions in the US. Along with paid time off (PTO) and health insurance, it’s an expected part of a company’s “competitive benefits” package. Not only is it a benefit, but the 401(K) is also the financial lifeline that retirees rely on to live beyond their working years. 

The roughly 18-year gap between pensions and 401(k) becoming mainstream may have left you with only two stable sources for retirement that has compounded in value over time:  social security and home equity.
We encourage your advisors, children or grandchildren, estate lawyer and financial planners to review this trusted, unbiased resource to find answers about using home equity to retire from industry experts.

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Test Your Knowledge

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Who Owns the Home?

True or False: If you have a reverse mortgage, the bank owns your home.

Are Reverse Mortgages Tax Free?

True or False: If you have a reverse mortgage, the proceeds are tax free.

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Can you “right-size” and purchase a home with a reverse mortgage? 

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Only needy or desperate people get a reverse mortgage?

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Will my medicare benefits be affected if I get a reverse mortgage?  


Real-Life Facts

Age in Place,
Keep Your Home

Whether you want to stay in your home or right-size to a new home, a Reverse Mortgage allows you to leverage what is many Americans largest financial asset.

Read the official Reverse Mortgage consumer booklet approved by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

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Are you fulfilling your fiduciary duty to your clients? Discover why Reverse Mortgages could be the right solution your clients need to age in place.


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