Popular Articles About Reverse Mortgages

Everything You Need to Know About HECM Loans

Federally backed reverse mortgages can be an important part of a retirement plan.

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Should You

Get a

Reverse Mortgage?

Is a reverse mortgage the right choice for you?


Here's how to know.

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Your Residence Is Your Retirement — Why Get a Reverse Mortgage

One’s future living arrangements is least acted upon aspect of retirement planning. 

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How to Use

Home Equity

to Fix


Most people don't consider their home an investment that can be used for cash flow. 

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Residential Housing Complex

Using a Reverse Mortgage as

a Financial Planning Tool

The following conditions can indicate that a reverse mortgage might just be the right solution.

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HECM—No Longer Just for Homeowners Short on Cash

Turning your home equity into cash can help pay bills and preserve savings and investments.

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